Kinetic Phils. Electrical Construction, Inc.

boasts of quality Electrical and Auxiliary Works construction. Recently, the company has expanded its offering into Mechanical and Fire Protection Works construction. Installation works include industrial buildings, commercial arcades/mixed-used buildings, malls and BPO/offices, and large residential/hotel buildings. Business operations covers the entire Philippines, with eyes set on taking works offshore after being given a POCB license. Kinetic ensures client needs are met at all phases of the project.

Reliability and professional competence would appropriately describe our   performance.  An efficient after-sales service is a by-word of every company in the group. The client’s profitability and  satisfaction are our utmost concern.

With the varied experience of our management and technical staff in the construction industry, we are indisputably attesting the achievements we rendered in our completed projects.The  KINETIC Group will always adhered to its mission vision of quality and above-standard works.

The  KINETIC Group hopes to answer your need for a partner in progress and profitability.


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Load Center Builders Corporation

The  people   behind  KINETIC  knew  that  reliability  of  any electrical installation or system greatly depends on the integrity  and  quality  of   its  circuit protection and panelboards, hence, LOADCENTER BUILDERS CORP. was established. LCBC was   tasked by the Group to produce only quality Load Center  Panelboards, Switchgear, Motor Control Centers, Manual & Automatic Transfer Switch, Cable Trays & Wire Gutters, Busbar & CB Gutters, Pullbox, Meter Centers, and Capacitor Banks as its main product line.

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